About Kumar

“Ignite the Entrepreneur Inside You and make Progress a Habit”

A भारतीय Social Entrepreneur ventured Thought Reforming Initiatives and Ventures, leading to the growth of the Social Economy. Kumar is working to provide the best quality education to every child from all sections of society by opening world-class International Schools with Zero Tuition fees so that even the last person in the community can afford quality education. He firmly believes that the future society can be developed only by providing positive quality education to our Future Generations.
Mr. Kumar is a Creative and Dynamic Leader, Angel Investor, Mentor, Reformer, Keynote Speaker and Emerging Business Tycoon, he ventured into Social Reforming Projects. Under his leadership, Kumar has fueled new creative startups.

Early Life

Kumar Gaurav was born in an accustomed family in Bihar, India, in a city called Begusarai. He completed his primary education at Kendriya Vidyalaya, RAU Pusa, and later studied Computer Science Engineering at Rajeev Gandhi Technical University.

During school, he saw his parents helping fellow people, and these continuous incidents sowed the Seed of Charity and Benevolence in his heart. In his 1st Year of Engineering, instead of preparing for the job, he started his own company to help many people by creating jobs for them to serve their families well and educate their children.

With this vision, Kumar ventured into many successful and unsuccessful ventures during college. During this journey, even after some unsuccessful ventures, his eternal passion for serving Society and following his parent’s path powered him to bounce back.

Kumar is a self-motivated Leader, and now under his leadership, many startups have started their ventures. Kumar founded RamLagan Foundation in 2019 to serve Society at a more comprehensive level and provide quality education by opening International Schools with ZERO Education Fees; for this Kumar donates 100% profit of his other ventures to this Foundation.

Ventures & Growth

He is currently the founder and CEO of RamLagan Foundation, Managing Director of RLC Retails Ltd., Managing Director of Launch a Venture (LAV Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), Director of Datoda Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Director of RLC Pure Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Initiator of the Initiative "हम से है भारत" & "सबसे पहले भारत".


Kumar Gaurav donates 100% of their companies profit for opening and running new International Schools to offer 100% Free Education to Everyone. He is determined to let everyone free from their Basics (Education, Healthcare & Career) so that they can imagine and ignite further to lead the Economy and Boost the Society to a positive Future.


What I Do

Working to make a better future for all. Focused to provide quality education, food & beverages, healthcare and employment to each and every class of society in need



Helping brands and people make living a Celebration by Reforming Initiatives and Ventures leading to the growth of Society



Making Viability Vital & Viral with a mission to prove that purpose-led, future-fit business models deliver superior performance that help everyone celebrate life

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